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A Hidden Gem in Chattarpur, New Delhi

In a quaint fairytale like setting tucked away in the lush green farms of Chattarpur in New Delhi, lays a little cottage, where young minds can expand their knowledge and creative outlook. It’s a special place known as The Storyteller, where children’s author and educator Zeeny Jhelumi teaches children ages 2 through 13 to explore the depths of their imagination and creativity.

The Storyteller Chattarpur Farms

Zeeny, is a graduate in economics and child psychology and trained at the Trinity School of Music and Drama, London. She founded the education center based on a love for literature and children. She runs the center and teaches without the aid of teaching assistants or administrators to assure her pupils get the very best from her classes.

The Storyteller, offers a perfect environment to inspire and foster creativity; with a cozy storytelling corner, a stage for performances, an arts and craft room and a writing area surrounded by a large garden with ample space to explore.

The classes organized by Zeeny are theme based with a major emphasis on unlocking each child’s creativity and enabling them to think outside of the box to better problem solve. The classes are designed to foundationally build a passion for reading, articulation through voice clarity and speech exercises while improving general knowledge.

The younger kids in addition to arts and crafts, enjoy workshops where they learn life skills to help them understand and deal with typical issues encountered while growing up. For older children Storyteller offers classes to develop their ability to construct and communicate their thoughts clearly and concisely through creative writing and presentations.

The-Storyteller-Classroom-Delhi The key to The Storyteller’s success is behind Zeeny’s ability to develop course curriculum based on interesting topics using story telling as the medium, hence the name. She is also a firm believer in that one should never stop learning and growing and continuously sharpens her skills thru writing retreats to England , where she exchanges ideas with other children’s authors and educators.

Recently Storytellers has introduced art appreciation classes to introduce children to famous artists and their work from around the world. The classes dive into the artist’s lives and genre keeping in tune with storytelling.

Without a doubt I’m sure many of us reading this wished that when we were growing up there was a place such as The Storyteller.

To learn more about Storyteller and their classes contact:

The Storyteller at Jhelumi Farms
12 South Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms,
New Delhi 110074

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